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Welcome to an innovative money making technique, if you can spare 4 minutes daily then I hope you can help me earn $2000 daily and in return you can start earning a reasonable income of over $4,000 per month. I will not ask you to make any kind of payment; you will only need to register with ww.neobux.com if you don’t have a membership already. So far I have earned over $200,000 with this technique and if you are patient then you can also do it, to clear your doubt look at my payment proof.

The foundation is the most difficult part, it’s not easy but it  is simple, just like any other business you are bond to face a few challenges here and there, therefore it is crucial that you are patient, remember

 “Rome was not built in a day and nothing good comes easy”.

With determination and enthusiasm you could even make well over $2000 daily, it’s an endless opportunity, it will not happen overnight, but with some diligence, this is certainly an achievable goal already attained by several members. But let’s not get ahead of our shadows; it’s a step by step process;



Your first goal is to be a Golden member, in my opinion it is the most difficult part and where most people give up due to lack of knowledge and education.


How to Get Started and Be a Golden Member

#1 Membership: if you are not a neobux member then sign up as a standard member here www.neobux.com


#2 The First 2 Weeks is a big deal, you either “make it or break it” To remove restrictions from your account you will have to be a member for 15 days and have 100 ad views, you will not earn so much in the first 2 weeks, that is a fact, therefore your priority should be

  • To get into the routine of viewing atleast 4 ads daily

TIP: you can begin renting referrals from the first day if you invest $1 +


#3 Earning Your First $1:  you should do this by  viewing ads and doing  mini jobs . log in and click the “View Advertisements” button at the top. For every Advertisement you view, you will be paid $0.01, or $0.40 – $0.89 for a mini job, your priority is

  • To earn at least $0.60 ASAP, You should be able to reach this goal within a day or two if you do a mini job or 15 days X $0.04/day = $0.60

TIP: view more than 4ads daily to make it quicker, so you can begin renting referrals immediately


#4 Renting your First Set of Referrals: Congratulations, this is where the fun will begin; at this point no one can stop you from making money anymore. Once you have at least $0.60 even if it is not up to two weeks you should start renting referrals

“Terms & Condition: if you click at least 4 Advertisements then you will receive payment for all clicks made from your referrals: the required ads are standard exposures [Green].

  • Start by Renting 3 referrals, [Cost/(RR)rented referral: $0.2 / month ]

3 RR x 4 clicks/day @ $0.005 each =          $0.06/day

    + Ads assigned to you $0.04/day =         $0.10/day

  •   After the first week rent 3 more referrals to start earning         $0.16/day
  • Next week rent 5 more referrals, 11RR in total. :                         $0.26/day
  • Following week rent 10 more referrals, 21RR in total :               $0.46/day
  • Forth week rent 19 more referrals, 40RR in total:                   $0.84/day

TIP: you can jump a few steps at any point if you invest some money, but you should only invest what you are comfortable with.


#5 Referral Renewal & Auto Pay : each referral will cost $0.2/month, as a golden member you will earn $0.01/click from a rented referral, $1.2/month which means you will earn $1 profit from each referral. As a standard member you will earn $0.005/click from a rented referral which means you will earn $0.5 profit from each referral. you will a get a discount if you choose to renew your referrals for more than 1 month, alternately if you are worried your referrals won’t click every day then you can choose  “AutoPay” you will make $0.1 less profit from each referral but the referral will only be paid if he is active, meaning they will pay for themselves as long as they are active and you don’t have to worry about reserving money for renewal.


#6 Rent 300 Referrals: continue viewing advertisements and renting referrals until you have up to 300 rented referrals, it will take some time but remember you are building a business with no capital. Renting a referral increases your daily earnings therefore your earnings will be increasing exponentially and it will happen before you know it.

  • 300RRs x 4clicks/day at $0.005/click =   $6/day
  • When you have 300RR, stop renting and save $90, this should take less than 2 weeks

TIP:  any inactive referral is replaced free of charge (after 1 week for golden members and 2 weeks for standard members), alternatively you can replace any time for $0.07.


#7 Upgrade to Golden Membership once you have $90 you should upgrade to a golden membership, upgrading will double your earnings instantly, 2X for your rented referrals and 10X for your daily clicks i.e.

  • Standard member 300RRs x 4 clicks at $0.005 =  $6.00/day
  • Golden member 300RRs x 4 clicks at $0.01 =      $12.00/day

TIP: It is tempting to start cashing out your daily earnings at this point, but I advise you not to cash out until you reach the maximum Rented Referral limit of 2000 so that you can earn as much as possible.


TIP: You can gain extra benefits when you purchase a golden membership pack, such as increase in the maximum limit of rented referrals etc.



Well done, your toughest challenges are over. Being a golden member is just like being a graduate, it means your business has taken off with elegance; the next goal is to build your referrals.


#1 viewing your standard advertisements: you should continue with your daily clicks so you can earn from your referrals, if you don’t click you will not earn.


#2 pick a day of the week for renting referrals: the more referrals you have the more money you will make, I recommend you rent as much as you can, with auto pay you don’t need to save money for rental renewal, so use all your weekly funds for rental.


#3 True Spartan 0f Neobux: keep on renting till you reach the maximum golden member limit of 2000RR, this should not take too long because you will be probably earning over $300 per month.

  • 2000RR x 4 clicks at $0.01 =  $80/daily


#4 Purchase a Golden Pack: by now you would have been laughing all the way to the bank and enjoying your side job, so I don’t need to tell you, you should purchase a golden pack to increase the limit of rented referrals to 4000 and enjoy more benefits.


#5 Rent the maximum number of referrals: the maximum referral renting limit is 4000RRs, this is your target.

  •  Daily income:                             4,000RR x 4 clicks at $0.01 =  $160.00/day
  •  Monthly income:                       $160.00 X 30 days  =                $4,800/month
  •  Average Rental Cost/month:   4,000RR x $0.2  =                      $800
  •  Net profit/month:                      $4,800 – $800  =                       $4,000/month

NOTE: Your monthly income will vary slightly +/- $4,800 depending on your earnings, Referral Renewal & Referral Replacement.



When you have been active for more than two weeks and viewed over 100 ads you will be eligible to acquire direct referrals, if you are willing to go out of your way to distribute your link to colleagues and friends then you can earn a percentage of earnings from your Direct referrals, Precisely 18% from every mini job and $0.01 from every click.

TIP: increase the maximum number of direct referrals with a golden pack.


TIP: Use your free auto generating banner like the one below to show people how much you have earned already, the banner is automatically updated to show your real earnings.

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How To Get Direct Referrals

#1 distribute your link to forums and blogs

#2 post on network sites such as Facebook, twitter, youtube etc

#3 use traffic exchange websites and downlinerefs

#4 I am currently working on a project using IFrames that will help members distribute a guide with their link, the members link will be rotated within the guide. The benefit of having a guide with your link is that an educated user will generate you more income compared to an uneducated member, so check regularly for updates on my new project.



If you are happy with this technique give it a try, you have nothing to loss. Sign up here www.neobux.com, math does not lie, it is not magic, the formulas used by Neobux are set up for you to be successful if you are committed, it is not difficult but it takes diligence, the numbers speak for themselves. I cannot promise you wealth, but I can guarantee that you will earn money if you follow these steps. Thank you for reading, start clicking, start earning, be patient and good luck.

NOTE: Not all of your RRs will give you 4 clicks everyday… some will give more, some will give less. With Auto pay you will only pay those who give So in that sense, the examples are accurate, but your experience may vary a little.

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